Caring for our Environment

National Parks represent a glimpse of our environment as it once was and also form cultural icons that connect people to the land.

Tongariro National Park, established in 1887, was the first national park in New Zealand and the fourth in the world. The area beautifully stark and rugged with dramatic volcanic-formed terrain, alpine herb fields, native forest, volcanic lakes, streams and desert-like land. 

It is of international significance with it’s Dual World Heritage status, given for it’s natural land forms, volcanoes and ecosystems and because of it’s special indigenous cultural values.

Hence, we ask all visitors to respect the…

Environmental Care Code:

  • Protect plants and animals
  • Remove all rubbish
  • Keep streams and lakes clean
  • Camp carefully
  • Keep to the track
  • Consider others
  • Respect cultural heritage
  • Leave the land undisturbed.