Day Tramps

day trampsDay Tramps in the Tongariro National Park
For fit novices, experienced trampers and seasoned mountaineers there is a host of fantastic day long and multi-day tramps available in Tongariro National Park. Below you will find a brief description of the tramps. A more detailed guide with maps is available from the Holiday Park Shop or Department of Conservation Visitor Centre.

Tongariro Alpine Crossing
7-8 hours, 19.5km one way. Recommended direction is from Mangatepopo to Ketetahi. This track is part of the Tongariro Northern Circuit and begins at the Mangatepopo road-end, 13km from Whakapapa Village.

The track winds up the Mangatepopo Valley to the saddle between Tongariro and Ngauruhoe. It climbs to Red Crater (1886m), then drops down to the vivid Emerald Lakes. After passing Blue Lake the track sidles around the northern slope of Tongariro, then descends in a zigzag to Ketetahi Hut and down to the road-end.

Whakapapaiti Valley Tramping Track
4-5 hours, 11km one way. Begins 5km above Whakapapa Village at Scoria Flat on the Bruce Road. Enjoy spectacular views of the less frequented Whakapapaiti Valley and surrounding country before winding your way through the valleys itself. Ending at Whakapapa Village.

The Waihohonu Traverse
7-8 hours, 17km one way. Starts on the Desert Road. The track passes between the bases of Mt Ngauruhoe and Mt Ruapehu. Highlights include thundering waterfalls, crater lakes, rivers and native bush. Ending Whakapapa Village. An excellent poor weather alternative to the Tongariro Crossing.

Ngauruhoe Summit
6-7 hours, 19km return via same route. Begins at Mangatepopo road-end. The 2500 year old near perfect cone of Mt Ngauruhoe entices many visitors to its summit. Relatively quiet since 1975, this parasitic cone of Mt Tongariro is traditionally one of New Zealand’s most active volcanoes. Difficult but rewarding!!

Mt Ruapehu Crater Climb
7 hours, 10km return via same route. Begins from Iwikau Village at the top of the Bruce Road. Alternatively a 5hr, 7km hike from the top of Whakapapa Ski Area chairlift. (Open December – April). The spectacular hike to Ruapehu’s Crater offers panoramic views of the volcanic landscape.

The Crater Climb is for well equipped, fit and experience hikers. The route is unmarked and is suitable in fine weather only. Whakapapa Ski Area offer guided trips in the summer months.