Mountain Biking

When this beautiful and divers area is not covered in snow, the Tongariro National Park offers a fantastic setting for mountain biking adventures. A few options, including the well knows 42 Traverse, are described below to give you a taste.

The 42 Traverse (46km, 3-7 hours)
Also know as the Tongariro Forest Crossing, the 42 Traverse is considered one of the best mountain biking tracks in the North Island. The track follows an old logging trail through State Forrest 42. Highlights include the Canyon Valley, a number of river crossings and a good few challenging downhills. It takes 4 to 7 hours to complete, depending on your fitness and experience. The ground varies from gravel to mud.

Fishers Track (21km 2-3hours)
This relatively unknown downhill is highly recommended. The best feature has to be a 7km downhill dropping from 900 m to 400 m. How would you rate that on the adrenalin rush ladder? The surface is mixed, with a fair amount of grass.

John McDonald Loop (40km 4-7 hours)
For the experienced riders who like a challenge, this is possibly the best ride in Tongariro Forest. It’s only a 40km loop, but it takes 4-7 hours to complete and doing it requires excellent navigation skills. This is an amazing ride.